Norfolk Telecom ISP - ADSL Information  

What is ADSL?

ADSL ("Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line") is a technology used to deliver high-rate digital data over existing ordinary phone-lines. This is often referred to as "Broadband". It works by splitting your existing telephone line signal into two, Low frequency for voice and high frequency for data. ADSL enables the simultaneous use of normal telephone services and high-speed Internet access.

The ADSL technology at Norfolk Telecom can theoretically work at up to 20Mbps download but since Norfolk doesn't have access to the unparalleled speeds provided by fibre we limit customer rates so that everyone gets a fair share. The standard services on Norfolk Island at the moment are running at speeds from 3072Kbps up to 20Mbps for download with upload speeds 1024Kbps. This is why it is "asymmetric", because the download speed is different to the upload speed.

What do I need to get Online?

A Norfolk Telecom Telephone Line

Or alternatively a bundled leased circuit, inquire at Telecom if you don't have a phone service. Our network has been configured to provide service wherever we have copper cable so it's available for everyone.

An ADSL Modem or Router

An ADSL modem is a device which maintains the connection to the Internet for you. Most routers have an Ethernet connection to your local area network and act as a gateway, DNS, DHCP and firewall service. Computer enthusiasts or businesses can use a router to connect multiple computers to the Internet.

Norfolk Telecom can supply you with a selection of leased modem/routers to suit your needs as part of your ADSL service agreement. One of our fully qualified technicians will come and install it for you.

A Computer

Well that's pretty obvious, but what you will need in your computer is a working Ethernet or Wireless interface to connect to the ADSL modem/router. If you have a Laptop/Tablet that has inbuilt wireless then you'll probably want one of our wireless modems, no more annoying cables for you!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ADSL?


  • High speed, high availability,“always on” connection
  • Requires only one phone line (able to be on-line and use the telephone at the same time)
  • Multiple PCs able to connect to modem/router
  • Simple setup for business networks, no extra hardware needed
  • Modem operates as a firewall, protecting your network
  • Charged by data traffic not by time on-line


  • Possible teething problems for inexperienced computer users
  • Possible addiction to the Internet :-(

Where is ADSL available?

We've completed the roll-out of all of our Remote DSLAM's across Norfolk and can now deliver ADSL wherever there is Norfolk Telecom cable in the ground.

What does it cost?

ADSL services are provided with a number of rate plans starting from just $30 per month and extending up to $180 per month for 180 Gigabytes of data. Email through our services is free as well as browsing on our local websites and the hidden stuff like "DNS" (the Internet phone book service) and "NTP" (the Internet time synchronisation service

We do put a limit on data in each rate plan but we charge for extra traffic rather than limiting your service. We mail out a daily or weekly summary and a monthly total of your usage so you can keep track of your usage and you can change your plan for the next month onwards free of charge if you find you are using more (or less) than you thought you would. So there's no problems starting out small and adjusting your plan to suit as you go and there are benefits for the bigger users as the more you use the less we charge overall.

Provided below is a summary of the range of ADSL service plans with relevant charges. The full ISP Tariff document can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

Peak or off Peak?

Peak Times are currently from 5 am to 12 Midnight which leaves
from 12 midnight to 5 in the morning to be Off Peak rates.

OFF Peak is currently FREE!

Internet - ADSL SERVICE (Note 1)  
Establishment Fee  
Installation Fees Per Hr Labour plus equipment (minimum fee applies)
Minimum Install Fee $50
Minimum Contract Term 1 month
Free Services (Note 2) NINet E-Mail, Local Web, Local Game Servers, DNS
Data Rate 3 Mbps Download / 1 Mbps Upload
Service Fee $30 per month
Data Allowance (Note 3) 6 Gigabyte peak per month
Additional Usage (after allowance) Peak Over : $10 per GB  
Data Rate 10 Mbps Download / 1 Mbps Upload
Service Fee $50 per month
Data Allowance (Note 3) 40 Gigabyte peak per month
Additional Usage (after allowance) Peak Over : $9.80 per GB  
Data Rate 20 Mbps Download / 1 Mbps Upload
Service Fee $90 per month
Data Allowance (Note 3) 90 Gigabyte peak per month
Additional Usage (after allowance) Peak Over : $9.50 per GB  
Data Rate 20 Mbps Download / 1 Mbps Upload
Service Fee $180 per month
Data Allowance (Note 3) 180 Gigabyte peak per month
Additional Usage (after allowance) Peak Over : $5.00 per GB  
INTERNET – HOTSPOT PLAN Home Service Hotspot (Note 7)
Home Hotspot prepaid $10 per month plus modem rent.
Home Hotspot with ADSL plan $10 Installation fee
Accommodation Hotspot Service $10 per month plus modem rent.
Data Rate Service Disabled
Service Fee $10 per month
Data Allowance N/A
Additional Usage (after allowance) N/A
INTERNET – ADSL OPTION ADSL Priority Support (Note 9)
Service Fee $150.00 Per Month
INTERNET – ADSL OPTION Multi-site (Note 10)
Installation Fees Per Hr Labour plus equipment (min fees apply)
Minimum Install Fee $25.00
Service Fee per extra link (Max = 2) $10.00 Per Month
INTERNET – ADSL Modem Lease  
Modem-UE (USB/Eth Modem) $4.00 per Month
Modem-4E (4 x Eth Modem) $4.00 per Month
Modem-4EW (4 x Eth / Wireless Modem) $6.50 per Month
1 During the term of the ADSL Service contract, you can choose (and move between) any of the listed plans. Changes apply at the start of the next month and the application to change must be submitted at least three working days before the end of the current month. Charges may apply.
2 Free services for Norfolk Telecom customers on an ADSL plan, are services provided by Norfolk Telecom that will not be included in data usage calculations and are therefore free of charge. Please contact Norfolk Telecom for further details about free services.
3 Allowances and Data charges (MB and GB) are calculated on combined upload and download data transfer (except for some traffic provided from time to time by NINet at no cost). Unused monthly usage forfeited.
4 .
7 Home Hotspot available to existing ADSL customers includes a once only $10 install fee
Home Hotspot Prepaid only is a service that is not bundled with an ADSL plan
8 The On Hold plan is only available for periods greater than one month and must include a full calendar month. The service will be disabled whilst this plan is in effect.
9 Priority Support provides 24/7 call out on your service at no further cost. Standard support is provided during Norfolk Telecom normal technical staffing hours only.
10 Multi-site provides for multiple locations to be included under the one rate plan up to a total of three sites.

How do I get it?

Applications forms and relevant information for ADSL services can be downloaded from the links below. Just fill the forms out and drop them in to Norfolk Telecom (or fax to 22499) and we'll get the process under way.

Email setup Help page
Application for Internet Services - ADSL (PDF)

Application for ADSL Rate Plan change (PDF)
Application for Home Hotspot (PDF)
Application for ADSL Multilink Service (PDF)
Application for Termination of ADSL Service (PDF)
Full Tariff Table (Incl. ISP Rates)