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Procedure For setting Time Zone for Vista and Windows 7  
This procedure is courtesy of Geoff Atkinson who originally cracked the method to add the Norfolk Island Time zone to Vista.
Firstly go to the downloads page and download the time zone editor
Locate where you saved it and you must right click on it and "run it as Administrator" (even if you are an administrator)
tzedit filled in  

select New and edit it to reflect the settings here then click OK and Close.
Now we have to do something a little trickier!
click on start and Run (or hold windows key + R)
Type in regedit and click ok (this will open the registry editor be careful here)
click on the +'s and expand/navigate out to the following place
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\Norfolk Island
(this is put here by the The Tzedit you just did)


You will notice that the Std key above (it is not there) you have to make this!
First single right click on the blank area and "New >" pops up, mouse over and to the right and down select "string value".
A new string value appears, name it "Std" (capital S small td, "no quotes") enter. Std.
Then right click this and select modify, and put something like "Norfolk Island Standard Time" enter.


You should now have the Std key as above, this bit is finished, close it!
Remember you can right click and modify and delete if it is not right.

Now double click on the time on the task bar or right click it (as you would to set the time) and select change Time Zone from the options.
You will now find that Norfolk Island is on the drop down list of available places, feel free to select it and pat yourself on the back for a successful hacking job!

Geoff being a legal person wrote a disclaimer of the all care no responsibilty variant where he should have had a paypal donate button instead, So next time you see him tell him thanks for doing the investigative leg work for you!

web page by Gotty 2011

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